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Hortitech 2HD 3,0 pic 1
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Hortitech 2HD 3,0 pic 1 Hortitech 2HD 3,0 pic 2 Hortitech 2HD 3,0 pic 5 Hortitech 2HD 3,0 pic 3 Hortitech 2HD 3,0 pic 4 Hortitech 2HD 3,0 pic 6 Hortitech 2HD 3,0 pic 8 Hortitech 2HD 3,0 pic 7

Hortitech 2HD 3.00

Technical data:

  • Engine power: 0.5kW
  • Hydraulic power pack: 2.0kW
  • Battery: 2x110Ah (6PZF 110) C5 110Ah C20 150Ah
  • Maximum platform height: 2930mm
  • Minimum: platform height 540mm
  • Dimensions: working platform 440x1900mm
  • Maximum working platform load: 200 kg
  • Length: 1900mm
  • Width: 750mm
  • Height: 1760mm
  • Weight: 361kg
  • Lifting speed: 17 seconds

Applied modifications and improvements:

  • Switches and buttons made of steel – the improvement affects the service life,
  • Turbo button allows you to move at speeds up to 105 m / min,
  • Rubber separators between scissors to protect against varnish damage,
  • Tilt sensor informing the user about the loss of stability or deviating from the vertical position,
  • Valve that allows you to adjust the speed of lowering the platform
  • The sound and light system of the control panels indicates improper use of the trolley,
  • Silent hydraulic power pack,
  • New maintenance-free gel batteries,
  • New chargers with the option of monitoring the battery charging process,
  • New contactless potentiometer resistant to water, dust and shock,
  • New induction foot switch resistant to water, dust and shock,
  • Increased overall water resistance of the trolley,

Product description:

The Hortitech 2HD 3.00 hydraulic greenhouse trolley is designed for the tomatoes care in high greenhouses, where smooth adjustment of the working platform at high altitudes is required. The Hortitech 2HD 3.00 is equipped with a scissor lift consisting of two scissors lifted by one cylinder, which allows us to raise the platform to a height of 3m. Scissor guides are made of plastic, which significantly improved the stiffness of the trolley scissors. The hydraulic power pack received a strong 2 kW engine. The device uses a PLC controller that controls the work of lifting the platform, ejecting the drive wheels, as well as driving. The trolley system also informs us about excessively discharged batteries, which guarantees trouble-free operation.

The Hortitech trolleys series has undergone a number of modifications to improve their functionality. The rounded corners of the lower frame change the overall design of the trolley and protect plants from damage. A new way of painting elements affecting resistance to external conditions. The longer and wider frame affects the stability of the trolley. All controls have been marked accordingly. Additional emergency stop located on the bottom control panel. Electrical box placed on the front of the trolley, allowing easy access. The box is hermetic and moisture resistant and has catches enabling it to be easily opened. Possibility to buy a trolley with an internal charger – to charge the battery simply plug the cord into the power socket. The safety barriers were also changed, the control panel was moved to the front of the trolley. The barrier doors on the front and back of the truck are secured with a lock that increases the level of security. The valve that supports platform level adjustment allows it to be lowered in the event of a power outage. Drive wheels made of aluminum and polyurethane. Wheel forks made of thinner material. New bearings allow the cart to be easily moved between rows.


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