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HSE 300 pic 4 HSE 300 pic 5 HSE 300 pic 7 HSE 300 pic 6 HSE (1) HSE (6) HSE (8) HSE (7)

HSE 300 Electric spraying robot

Technical data:

  • Length: 2253 mm
  • Width: 871mm
  • Height: 2098 mm
  • Weight: 570 kg
  • Tank capacity: 300L
  • Four electric motors with power of 0,5 kW
  • Maximum pressure 25 bar
  • Maximum output 30 l / min
  • Travel speed 0-85 m / min

The pump motor is 25% more efficient than brush motors.
Best in class for thermal performance.
Low weight and small size of the engine affect the ergonomics of the device.

Product description:

HSE 300 is the latest solution for spraying in a greenhouse.
Two spraying bars up to 3m high (one spraying the end of the row, the other spraying the plants on both sides) equipped with nozzle heads for adjustment and individual setting of the spray liquid stream. The device moves on a suitable track with heating pipes in the greenhouse and is equipped with a 300L tank. Entire device is controlled by a PLC controller, which allows you to set the route, speed, turn on the appropriate spray bar while driving, control over the battery charge status informing about upcoming discharge and counts the number of hours worked.

Working with the HSE 300 is easy and intuitive. We program the length of the sprayer’s travel and the amount of liquid, and allow it to automatically run on the heating pipes and spray the plants.

A special wheels system under the device and a steering system on the back of the HSE 300 enable the trouble-free change of rows without the use of any force. Near the control panel you will find a special switch that allows you to control the speed of the device in manual mode during row changes.


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