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HSL 3.5

Technical data:


  • BLDC Engine power: 0.25kW
  • BLDC Hydraulic power pack: 1.5kW
  • Batteries: Acid or Gel
  • Maximum platform height: 3500mm
  • Minimum: platform height 525mm
  • Dimensions: working platform 460x2000mm
  • Maximum working platform load: 200 kg
  • Length: 2000mm
  • Width: 635mm
  • Height: 1720mm
  • Lifting and lowering speed: 17 seconds

Applied modifications and improvements:

  • BLDC motors
  • New design of control panels
  • Switches and buttons made of steel – the improvement affects the service life,
  • Rubber separators between scissors to protect against varnish damage,
  • Tilt sensor informing the user about the loss of stability or deviating from the vertical position,
  • Scissor system has been improved, which also enchances appearence
  • The sound and light system of the control panels indicates improper use of the trolley,
  • New hydraulic cylinder mounting system that affects the adjustment of the height of the platform
  • Dedicated ethernet service socket for diagnostic and programming
  • Lower control panel located inside a closed pocket
  • Product description:

    New BLDC motors in combination with new drivers and a newly built program give us a completely new and different product compared to the previously offered units. Through the use of BLDC motors, we obtain reduced energy consumption, which allows for a week-long work in the greenhouse without the need to charge HSL 3.5. The product has been designed in such a way that it does not require any servicing during the season. HSL does not have any chain systems, therefore customer service care related to periodic lubrication is not required also BLDC motors do not have brushes, so their maintenance is also not required.

    HSL 3.5 is a newest product designed for the care of plants grown in a greenhouse. Our HORTITECH series of greenhouse trolleys, which is very popular, has undergone a series of changes. The result of all the works is a new product, which is the presented unit.

    The greenhouse trolley was introduced to the offer in April 2022 and includes all the innovative solutions offered by the FPHU Maryniaczyk manufacturer.

    We will start the description of the product with its base – the lower frame of the greenhouse trolley, the design of which ensures a high level of safety for the user through high stability when moving on the heating pipes, the use of light and sound systems informing about the battery charge status or a tilt sensor informing the user about the loss of stability or tilting away from the vertical position. The rounded corners of the lower frame change the overall design of the trolley and protect the plants from damage.

    The working platform is mounted on a two-scissors hydraulic system. The speed of lifting the platform is adjustable. A number of applied solutions ensure quiet and comfortable operation.
    The doors of the railings on the front and rear of the trolley are secured with a lock increasing the security level. The control panel is appropriately marked, which ensures intuitive work with the device.


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