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Strawberry sprayer HSE300S

Technical data:

Lenght: 2253 mm
Width: 871mm
Height: 2098 mm
Weight: 570 kg
Tank capacity: 300L
Four 0,5kW electric engines
Maximum pressure: 25 bar
Maximum efficiency: 30 l/min
Travel speed 0-85 m/min

Lance span when unfolded: 7580 mm
Lance height: 2310 mm

Product description:

HSE300S is a new solution used in strawberry care treatments. The telescopic lance with a span of 7580 mm allows spraying in sections immediately after identifying the outbreak, which is crucial in combating it.

3-way hand control units with fork connector are used, together with a control unit with solenoid valves. The section group is designed to be connected to computerized electrical spraying systems and row spraying systems that require immediate opening and closing of valves. The control unit has a built-in self-cleaning filter and a built-in maximum pressure valve.

The HSE300S sprayer is adapted to move on the heating pipes of greenhouses and has a 300-liter tank for the spray liquid.

All parameters related to the operation of the device, such as travel speed, route or spraying parameters, are configured from the PLC level via a 4.5 “touch display, which also controls individual elements of the sprayer.

Working with the HSE300S is easy and intuitive. We program the length of the sprayer’s travel and the amount of liquid to be used, and the device performs an automatic ride
and spraying in accordance with the parameters set.

A special system of wheels located under the device and the steering system enable trouble-free change of rows without the use of force.
On the right side of the control panel you will find a special traction switch that allows you to control the speed of the machine when changing rows.

For the HSE300 and HSE300S, we have created intuitive graphical software that includes multilingual help. All elements of the sprayer have their own graphical indicators on the display. We enter all data in special options.


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